Individual therapy is a collaborative process during which we would meet and discuss the difficulties you are having in your life.  You might come to therapy for many different reasons.  Perhaps you're feeling anxious or depressed, having difficulty in your personal or professional relationships, or have become stuck and unable to figure out a path forward.  You might not fully understand what brings you to therapy but you know that something needs to change.  You might be feeling significant distress or perhaps you simply want to maximize your potential for success and happiness.  If you come to my practice, you will have a teammate who has many years of experience and training specifically in helping you to resolve your issues and achieve your goals.

Smiling, happy, woman, free of anxiety and depression

People are incredibly complex and the cause of suffering often can't be reduced to a single explanation.  Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are the result of both genetic predispositions and a vast number of experiences often interacting in extremely subtle ways.  Therapy can help you to embrace and understand the many layers that contribute to who you are as a person, increase your ability to accept yourself, and reduce negative feelings and self-criticism.  Therapy has the potential to help you to use your increased self-understanding to make both conscious and unconscious changes to the way you interact in your relationships, think about yourself, and pursue your goals.  Imagine what it could feel like to know who you truly are and what you want in life, and then have the capacity to move confidently in the direction of increased success and personal satisfaction.

People are often limited in their ability to understand themselves because they instinctively avoid coming into contact with the painful feelings that are inside them.  However, when these painful feelings are repressed and avoided they typically result in increased emotional pain and psychological symptoms.  Therapy can be an amazing, life-changing experience, but it can also be a difficult and intimidating process to begin.  When you come to see me for therapy, you will have a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental teammate who will help you find the strength you need to accept who you are and grow into the person that you wish to become.

If you have any questions about individual therapy, please feel free to contact me or schedule a consultation.